Leave the complicated technical details to us. We want you to concentrate on what you want from a website, how it will look and how your customers interact with the site. As all websites are unique, they can all be classed in slightly different ways. Some sites may incorporate every add-on available, whilst others simly use the most basic of software. For this reason we have categories most websites into a few main groups. These are:


Basic Web Sites


E-Commerce Sites


Landing Sites


Stylish Sites


Apart from adding rich media in the form of flash or videos, most sites can be categorised under these headings. Each site can then be improved on and tweaked until you are happy with the finished product. Updates can always be made at a later date, either to content or design or both. Just remember, websites are not as scary as people think. We like to consider them as advanced, interactive documents, nothing more.


Basic Websites:

The simplest websites generally contain a few pages detailing the basic information about a company. These sites are usually kept for information purposes for potential customers. The site should be easily found within a search engine and allow contact with minimal hassle. A small brochure showing previous work or offers helps to confirm the potential customer is in the right place. These sites are perfect for companies that provide hands on services where the main business does not involve the internet.



Selling online has never been more popular. A website can be used to sell anything. The main purpose of an e-commerce site though is to actually take payment for goods or services. The site can simply be a list of services offered with links and guidance of how to transfer funds or a full catalogue containing showing various categories and products that you stock. An e-commerce site can massively boost your sales taking your from a local market to the national or even international market place.


Landing sites:

Sometimes we need to focus our business on one particular product. A landing site does exactly that. It draws more visitors to your site via the search engines for exactly that product. The entire site is focussed and built with that one product in mind. With the internet market place fast becomming a cut throat arena where your product needs to be on top of the search engines, a landing page could be exactly what you need.


Stylish sites:

Creativity and design can be more important. Focus your clients attention on the quality aspects of your business. Make them aware of how image conscious you are by guiding them through a smooth, thoughtful site leaving them an impression of excellence and security through attention to detail.


Create a personal touch with your clients. A comfortable, well designed, secure site provides a relaxing trustworthy foundation for potential customers to view your business.






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